Welcome to the technical documentation of AdonisFX where we provide you with all the information you need to use the software in your digital characters. If you need more information or help, please do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected] with your consult.

Key Values

AdonisFX is a fast and intuitive solution for creature effects simulation with muscle, skin and face solvers. Currently, it is implemented as a plug-in for Maya (and Houdini coming soon). The key values of AdonisFX are:

  • Fast Computation. Typically, high quality creatures simulation requires hours to compute even if running on modern hardware components. The objective of AdonisFX is to break the current limits in terms of execution times in order to deliver high quality results in seconds which is possible thanks to the latest research in the simulation field for VFX and with Inbibo's proprietary technology.

  • Quick Setup. Preparing a creature to be simulated with realistic behaviour and dynamics can be tedious and require a significant amount of time for modelers, riggers and CFX artists. Also, this process often demands a certain knowledge of physically based parameters. However, AdonisFX enables artists to set up complex creatures simulation in short time thanks to solvers with intuitive parametrization, easy-to-use tools and AI solutions to accelerate the configuration process.

Why AdonisFX?

With AdonisFX you can:

  • integrate simulation in animation rigs,
  • get results very rapidly after feedback is received,
  • accelerate shots feedback iteration,
  • deliver finalised work sooner, and
  • save time compared to standard previous CFX workflows.
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