The AdnEdgeEvaluator node is a dependency node that computes deformation changes in edges. Based on two compatible input meshes it will output a compression map of the edges.

How To Use

This node requires the following inputs to be provided:

  • Rest Mesh (R): Mesh with no deformation or animation.
  • Deform Mesh (D): Mesh with deformation.

All input geometries must have the same number of vertices and edges.

To create this node, follow these steps:

  1. Select the deform mesh, then the rest mesh.
  2. Go to the AdonisFX menu > Create Nodes > Edge Evaluator.

The evaluator node can be used to drive the activations of an AdnSimshape deformer by connecting the output map of this node to the activations plug of AdnSimshape deformer. The Plug Values mode (see this section) must be enabled.

Edge Evaluator example
Figure 1: From left to right: rest mesh, deform mesh and simulated mesh with AdnSimshape deformer receiving the compression map from an AdnEdgeEvaluator node to drive activations (activations debugger is enabled).

A menu option is provided to recreate these steps easily:

  1. Select the Edge Evaluator Node, then the AdnSimshape deformer node.
  2. Go to the AdonisFX Menu > Edit Simshape > Connect Activations Plug.

In order to disconnect the plug, repeat the selection and instead of pressing Connect Activations Plug press Disconnect Activations Plug.


Time Attributes

Name Type Default Animatable Description
Initialization Time Time Current frame Sets the frame at which the data will be initialised.

Compression Remap

Name Type Default Animatable Description
Compression Remap Ramp Attribute Curve to remap the output compression map.

Attribute Editor Template

Edge Evaluator editor
Figure 2: Edge Evaluator Attribute Editor.
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